Wen Structs Public Testnet?

TL;DR: Wen Structs public testnet? September

We currently have three key pieces that we’re looking to have in place for a public testnet launch of Structs:

  • x/faction module (Our custom module for managing player factions)

The x/faction and x/reactor modules are pretty much ready to go, they were written last year but did not end up being used in the demo. We’ll need to migrate some pieces to reflect more modern Cosmos SDK conventions, which can take a bit of time.

No gameplay module will make it into the first public testnet. This is primarily to sweep the floors of the factory before the machinery makes it in.

Initially, we were going to wait on adding the x/faction module, however seeing as the current guild bot on discord is a little limited, it felt appropriate to cram it into the testnet instead.

Realistic timeframe for this testnet launch is mid September but that might be pushed up if the x/reactor module is easier to migrate than we expect. If you’d like to join the testnet, be sure join #reactors in our discord where we’ll be coordinating everything.



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