Discover the Power of Guilds in Structs

Slow Ninja
3 min readMay 2, 2023


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In the vast expanses of the Milky Way, where the species of the galaxy are locked in a race for Alpha Matter — the fuel that powers all interstellar civilization — a new era of decentralized gaming is dawning. Structs, the groundbreaking Web3 game, offers players the opportunity to command sentient machines and shape the fate of the galaxy. At the core of this experience lies the power of Guilds — diverse, player-driven alliances that work together to conquer enemies and secure their influence in the cosmos. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role Guild play in Structs and how they are revolutionizing the gaming experience.

The Role of Guilds in Structs

Guilds are the lifeblood of Structs. They are the collaborative alliances that players form to achieve their goals, whether it be expanding their territories, defending their interests, or acquiring valuable resources like Alpha Matter. Players are encouraged to find or create a Guild that best aligns with their values and gameplay preferences. Through Guilds, players can coordinate with one another, recruit and support troops, protect sensitive Alpha refining operations, and execute offensive attacks to write galactic history together.

Securing the Network

In Structs, the game and the infrastructure are one and the same. Guilds operate Reactors, which serve as the main power source for Structs and are synonymous with Proof of Stake (PoS) validators. This means that the Structs game is kept secure and progressing by the very community playing it. The game cannot be shut down at the whim of a publisher’s bottom line, ensuring that as long as there are players to play it, Structs will remain online.

Supporting the Players

Guilds are empowered by the custom-purpose blockchain that Structs is built on to fully support players, both experienced and new to the ecosystem. This support comes in various forms:

  • Frictionless Onboarding: Players can begin playing in the Structs ecosystem without any of the usual barriers, such as needing tokens, NFTs, or a specific wallet. All that’s required is curiosity and the desire to play.
  • Automated Defenses: Players can opt-in to automated defenses hosted by their Guild, ensuring the safety of their home planets while they focus on other aspects of gameplay.
  • Familiar Services: Guilds can differentiate themselves by offering various levels of support, such as Guild-specific help guides, resolving account issues, and even providing recovery options.

Guilds as Growth Mechanics

The design of Structs’ economy encourages team growth, as the larger a Guild becomes, the more formidable their enterprise will be. This decentralized system design means that Guilds also serve as marketers for the game, developing strategies and materials to attract interest in the Structs universe.

Guilds as Content Moderators

A decentralized system should facilitate user content creation, allowing the community’s creativity to flourish. Guilds play a critical role in content moderation, as adding new content to the game requires a Guild to authorize the addition. This enables Guilds to stylize their player experience and offer achievement, role, and rank-based cosmetics.

Guilds are the Key

Guilds are the driving force behind Structs, providing a rich, collaborative experience that allows players to form alliances, support one another, and conquer the cosmos. By reimagining the role of Guilds in a decentralized gaming ecosystem, Structs is paving the way for the future of Web3 gaming — one where players are not just participants but integral to the game’s development, security, and success. Join the revolution and find your perfect Guild in Structs today!