Combat Demo: Power Struggle

Slow Ninja
2 min readFeb 16, 2023


Today we’re releasing another iteration of the Combat Mechanics Demo which adds even more depth to the battle experience.

What is Structs?

Structs is a space-based 5X strategy game where players explore and conquer new worlds, expand their fleet of combat machines, and hoard Alpha Matter fuel — all while making the choice between diplomacy or conflict.

Built and operated by the community of players, Structs is a fully decentralized gaming experience.

What is the Combat Demo?

The Combat Demo is a preview of the Structs universe that allows players to experience the combat mechanics of the game in a controlled environment. This demo gives players a chance to learn about the different types of units and resources available in the game and test out different strategies.

Introducing the Power Struggle

The latest version of the Combat Demo includes an exciting new “Power Struggle” feature. In this version, each player has a Power Generator that generates 0.5watt every game turn.

Each player begins the game by choosing which ambit this Power Generator is built within.

In a Power Struggle match, at any point during their turn players can build a new Struct by spending some or all of the Watt they have saved up. With more Watt, players can deploy more Structs, or larger, more complex Structs.

However, there’s a catch: players can attack and attempt to destroy each other’s Generators. If a player’s Power Generator is destroyed, it can no longer generate new watt each turn. Players will need to defend their power plant from attacks if they want to continue building Structs.

Power Struggle adds a new layer of strategy to the Combat Demo, as players will need to balance their efforts between defending their Power Generator and their Command Ship. It also introduces a new way to disrupt other players’ strategies and potentially turn the tide of the game.

We’re excited to see how players will adapt to this new feature and use it to their advantage in their quest to conquer the universe.

The latest Combat Demo is live at